I suck at being a drama queen.
I’m crap at batting my eyelids and pouting my mouth.
I don’t know how to beg and plead.
I’m useless at crying and I don’t howl out loud.

I stand strong on my own.
I need no mother, no man, no child at my hand.
I live in a carefree zone.
I play at night with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan in Neverland.

I don’t need no man for money.
I pay for my luxuries and the roof over my head.
I hardly ever feel lonely.
It’s by choice I sleep in a big but empty bed.

I have the greatest of jobs.
I am ever so lucky to have this profession.
I don’t believe in any of the gods.
I’m not going to any hereafter or to angels in some heaven.

I have the bestest of friends.
I love all of them to pieces and to me they are king.
I live life pretty fast and intense.
I don’t need no promises on happy ever after nor a big wedding ring.

I just need a man who can level with me emotionally.
You wanna talk about vulnerability? How about this?
I’ll open up if you are strong.
I’ll be vulnerable if you dare to take me on.


3 gedachtes over “Vulnerable

  1. Zo waar! Stoer, zelfzeker, maar “vulnerable”.
    En oh zo leuk om jouw ook echt zo te kennen.
    Mocht iedereen jouw zelfkennis hebben…. en het bovendien zo mooi kunnen verwoorden. Wauw!


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