Happy song

If you ever write me a song, write me a happy song.

Sing about how my path is making its way.
How I can do nothing but follow.
And it will take me to places where I am safe.

Tell me not to worry about the world.
How living isn’t shitproof, but so worth it all.
Remind me that life’s too short to not have fun.

Make it an ode to the sun on a rainy day.
A song that breathes life into me on a dark day.
With words that shelter me from harm.

Sing about golden beaches and bright blue seas.
About fields with flowers in a zillion different colours.
And skies with a million sparkling never dying stars.

Sing about all the people and places where I feel at home.
And how there are many more lovely people to meet.
And a thousand beautiful cities to explore.

Sing that you read my love for life in every move I make.
That you see it in all my looks.
And hear it in every word I say.

Sing a song about everything, about forever.
Make it a happy song.
An anthem to life.


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